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Liza Woelk Liza Woelk
Liza Woelk is a New York State native who migrated to San Diego in 1995 to pursue her career in the healing arts and has been continuing her education ever since. She began with her massage therapy training, which led her to the other avenues of alternative health care that she practices currently. Profesionally, Liza is a nationally certified Holistic Health practitioner, Reiki master, Kundalini yoga instructior and birth doula. She has been involved in all aspects of the spa industry since 1997. Her roles have included performing spa services, creating menus, training other therapists in spa modalities and managing her own private practice. "Wearing so many hats made it possible for me to see all aspects of the spa business from everyone's perspective." Liza's favorite part of the business is working with her private clients through bodywork. "Being able to witness a client's healing is a beautiful experience. It requires presence, intent, and allowance." Liza lives in San Diego with her husband Christian.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 619.750.9381.

Candice Cothrine Candice_Cothrine
Candice is an Illinois native and has her Bachelors of Science in Biology from UCSD. She loves the science of Kinesiology and is constantly thrilled with what the physical body knows that the conscious mind may not. "It's amazing what can be accomplished in a session that incorporates deep breath and focused tissue manipulation. When the client is able to surrender to the breath, the muscles and tissue will do the same". Candice's allowing nature and her ability to let a bodywork session evolve without following a strict formula makes her a gifted and present therapist. Candice resides in San Diego, is a wife, a mother of 4 and is currently working towards her Masters in Midwifery.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 619.750.9381.

Patrick Brady Thai Massage
Experience the therapeutic benefits of Thai massage while at The Sofia! Thai massage or "assisted yoga " facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body by opening joints, relaxing muscle tissue, and creating balance throughout. Whether your goal is to simply relax and open or move past your current flexibility into a new range, this bodywork is for you.

This bodywork is performed with the client in comfortable clothing

Patrick Brady is a certified AcroYoga instructor and Thai massage therapist. He has studied in Thailand, Laos and Breema in San Francisco. His goal is to carry you through movements that your body is capable of as well as safely following you to your limits. Thai massage can help people strengthen, heal and joyfully create mindfulness in daily living.

60 minute session: $135   90 minutes session: $175   2 hour session: $215

Availalbe by appointment Thursday-Monday. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 619.750.9381.

Aromatherapy may be customized for any of your treatments (add $10).

Circulates blood, lymph, and breath so that you can get in touch with your own unique flow.
60 minutes: $110   90 minutes: $150

Release into our deep tissue therapeutic massage. Soften the tissue, strengthen the spirit and soothe the soul.
60 minutes: $120   90 minutes: $160

A blend of circulatory and deep tissue techniques specifically customized for your session.
60 minutes: $120   90 minutes: $160

Our Fusion massage session for two.
60 minutes: $240   90 minutes: $320

A combination of circulatory and pressure point massage performed on the hands and feet using a healing treatment oil.
60 minutes: $110   90 minutes: $150

A special session for mothers to be. Promotes circulation and relaxation, eases achy joints and muscles and is great for both mama and her baby.
60 minutes: $110   90 minutes: $150

A brisk gharsana treatment followed by deep, kneading massage strokes to break up fatty accumulations in the thighs and buttocks. Enlivens, assists the alignment of energy in the lower body.
50 minutes: $120

A blend of aromatherapy infused oil is used in pressure point massage to the head. Powerful stress reliever. Great for dry tresses as well.
30 minutes: $85   60 minutes*: $160
(*includes face and shoulder massage)

Subtle energy technique used to enhance vitality, calm stress and promote healing on all levels. May be performed fully clothed.
60 minutes: $110   90 minutes: $150

Body Treatments
All body treatments include a gharsana treatment.

A dry skin brushing treatment that removes dead skin and encourages lymph flow in the body.
Complimentary with all treatments.

Remove dead skin and encourage new cell growth with your choice of one of our lavish, therapeutic exfoliations. Your glowing new skin will then be nourished with a moisture treatment. Guide your skin back to its divine nature.
Choose from:
Sea Salt - coarse skin
Brown Sugar - sensitive skin
60 minutes: $130

This warm seaweed based mud mask enhances blood circulation, detoxifies the muscles and joints and enriches the skin with its high mineral content.
75 minutes: $160

Allow our alchemical mixture of protein rich milk and humectant honey to nourish and moisturize your skin. Steep in this mineral rich blend while your therapist performs a stress relieving head and facial massage.
75 minutes: $160

This herbal "mummy style" wrap allows bloated, sluggish, tender and heavy conditions in the body to surrender and be gently guided out through the lymph system. This is one of our most nurturing and therapeutic treatments. (This spa service requires a minimum of three hours notice prior to session.)
90 minutes: $230


Deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, skin specific mask, and vitamin hydration.
30 minutes: $60

Deep cleansing, fruit enzyme peel, skin specific mask, pore clearing extractions, and vitamin hydration.
60 minutes: $120

Our Angelica facial enhanced with hand & foot massage.
75 minutes: $140

Our men's facial. Everything to get you glowing plus acupressure massage to the head, neck and face.
75 minutes: $150


Spa Packages

Valentine Special 2015:

Give your loved one some sweet and healthy TLC this Valentines Day. Our brown sugar chocolate mint exfoliating body scrub and full Swedish coconut oil massage will make them swoon! A dozen roses pales in comparison.
90 minutes: $195

60-minute Fusion massage and 30-minute facial. $180

60-minute Fusion massage and 60-minute facial. $220

60-minute Fusion massage, 60-minute facial, 30-minute scrub. $290

30-minute facial, 30-minute Crowning Chakra, and our Milk + Honey Hydration Wrap. $320

90-minute Fusion massage, 75-minute facial, 60-minute sea mud and Reiki session. $450

Hours and Policies

Monday through Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am - 8pm
Off hours fee $20 per appointment.

To schedule your treatments call:


Any cancellation must be received within three hours of your appointment. Any late cancellations will incur a 50% cancellation fee. A full fee will be imposed for a no show client. A credit card number is needed to hold your reservation.

Gratuities are appropriate and appreciated but not expected. Customarily clients "tip" as they would in a restaurant with an 18% gratuity reflecting good service.

Treatment packages are not transferable, refundable or exchangeable.

Guests who have any medical issues are advised to consult a physician before signing up for spa services. Please report any medical conditions to your spa therapist.

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